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เนื้อเพลง To Whoever – DPR LIVE

เนื้อเพลง To Whoever – DPR LIVE

am I dreaming?
(wake up!)

to whoever finds this message..

I remember the life I had in Guam
the beach, the way the water felt,
the warm sunlight on my skin..
shit, life was pretty good
I really miss those days
but then again, I hated school
I hated how people shouted at
me for looking different..
calling me names..
just because of my skin color you know?
but I didn’t really care
as long as my mom and dad were smiling
I thought nothing could go wrong

what could go wrong?
nothing, nothing
what could.. nothing

2007, February 4th
I was packing my things
and I was leaving for Korea
I didn’t know why at the time
all I knew was I had to say goodbye
to the place I called home
and say hello to..

mister sun shine
I ain’t got no time yeah
mister fast car
I don’t want no ride no
mister city lights
I don’t want no fight
I don’t want to hide
I don’t want to lie

and I want to know why?

why I had to feel incomplete
every second of my week

like why I had to have 3 jobs
just to stay on my feet

why I had to enlist in the army
before I could even speak

or why my dad had to be diagnosed
with something he couldn’t beat..cancer

honestly, it felt like death
but he was facing death
so I was confused
I remember asking myself
where do we go when we die?
hell? heaven?
do we enter a void?
space? reincarnation?

where do we go?
where do we go?
where do we go?
too many questions with no answers
where do we go?
God I don’t know!
where do I go?

now fast forward 5 years..



I guess a lot has happened since then,
but here I am asking myself
the same questions.

เนื้อเพลง To Whoever – DPR LIVE
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